Walser GmbH - a premium company with a distinctive image

The Walser GmbH - limited liability company - which is headquartered in Rankweil, was founded in 1903. Step by step, the small body repair shop became a modern company for latest vehicle manufacturing technology. Nowadays the business is led in the fourth generation by Mister Gerhard Rauch according to his principle “Not possible is impossible”. As a full-service operator for transport and logistics solutions Walser is divided into the areas of fire fighting technology, vehicle manufacturing, paint shop and repair service.



Altogether, the Walser GmbH employs 250 highly trained personnel. 150 of them are working at the head office in Rankweil, there of 31 apprentices. The core business is dealing with the classical manufacturing of truck bodies. The product range varies from refrigerated and multitemperature trucks, dump truck to special purpose vehicles with a crane. Until the end of 1984 the entire production line and the body repair shop were located in the town centre of Rankweil.


Construction of a new building in today’s industrial area of Rankweil and relocation from the town centre.

Building of the new production hall Plant I in the industrial area started.

Certification EN ISO 9001 (quality).

The company is setting another milestone in the development of the enterprise by building the paint shop centre Plant II. In the paint shop centre a truck- / car-body shop, a paint shop and an industrial paint shop with the latest and environmentally friendly equipment are integrated.

Expansion across borders of the branch network by opening a service centre in the canton Grisons in Switzerland.

Integration of the Crane + Hydraulic Systems Corporation located in Tagelswangen near Zurich into the Walser group. As a result, the company takes over the general agency of all products by Palfinger for the entire Switzerland. Nowadays this enterprise is known as Walser Schweiz AG and is very successful.

Resumption of the construction and production of fire fighting vehicles which had already been started in the 50ies, 60ies and 70ies years. The Walser Feuerwehrtechnik GmbH is established and the company is able to introduce their mainly in the sector of the vehicle construction gained know-how in the area of fire services.

Completion of the plant extension in Rankweil. The factory premises now cover 65.000 m². Furthermore, over 10 million Euro have been invested. The total area of all manufacturing plants in Austria and Switzerland amounts more than 85.000 m².

Certification EN ISO 14001 (environment) has been received: This is a commitment to an environmentally friendly manufacturing process and to the careful use of resources. It has been implemented in all our plants and products.

The Walser Feuerwehrtechnik GmbH and the Walser GmbH merged to get an optimized and consistent corporate identity.
Input to the future: New facility Re-equipment of the training workshop.

Integration of the company Giriens with 6000m² of manufacturing plant and foundation of the Walser Suisse SA in Vufflens-la-Ville. (near Lausanne)

Future objectives and strategies are already determined, therefore nothing can get in the way of a successful future!