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Elmar Büchele

Elmar Büchele

Service & Repair manager vehicle construction

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Most processes for the transfer of energy of a lorry are based on the “model of the streaming liquidity”. Thus the systems for the steering, the coupling and the braking are operated with the help of liquidity of a constant volume, which is moved with high-pressure through special pipes. Even the transfer of energy for the control of cranes and tail lifts is based on this system.

The hydraulically operated systems are responsible for all safety-relevant features.

This is the reason why only particularly skilled staff should carry out repair and maintenance work on hydraulic systems. Therefore Walser is attaching great importance to the level of knowledge of its employees. The level of knowledge is further developed through advanced training courses in order to guarantee that the employees are informed about the current state of the art.

Our hydraulic system service offering comprises the following range of services: 

- Maintenance and inspection of hydraulic systems
- Analysis of oil
- Production of own hydraulic hoses
- Measurement of the volume flow rate, the flow of fluid and the temperature of oil
- Proofing of any hydraulic construction and hydraulic cylinder